Florida Soaked by Heavy Rain and Coastal Flooding as Tropical System Develops Along Southeast Coast


Florida is facing a prolonged period of heavy rainfall and coastal flooding as a stalled front lingers over the state, with the possibility of a tropical system developing along the Southeast coast.

From Miami to Jacksonville, thunderstorms are expected to form as the sea breeze front interacts with the afternoon heat. This persistent rainy weather could lead to street flooding, especially in areas that have already experienced above-average rainfall.

A cold front descending southward is expected to stall over Florida, acting as a focal point for stormy conditions. Simultaneously, high pressure over the Northeast will block the front’s movement and funnel strong easterly winds onto the coast.

The Atlantic coast of Florida is likely to receive more rain than the Gulf Coast due to these conditions, and days of strong onshore winds could result in high tide flooding.

Coastal areas along the Eastern Seaboard, from Maryland to Miami, are also at risk of dangerous surf, rip currents, and coastal flooding.

Towards the end of the workweek, there is a possibility that the persistent storm system over Florida could take on tropical characteristics, although this outcome remains uncertain. Regardless, the system is expected to bring increased rainfall and strong onshore winds to the Atlantic coast of Florida and the coastal Carolinas.

Florida’s west coast, which is currently experiencing drought conditions, may welcome the heavy rainfall as it could provide some relief.

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the area for potential tropical development, giving it a 30% chance of formation over the next week.


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