Florida on Alert: Overnight Tornado Threat Looms with Gulf’s Tropical Onslaught


Unsettled Weather Brings Potential Waterspouts and Twisters, Alongside Much-Needed Rainfall

Florida is bracing for the possibility of tornadoes and waterspouts as a surge of tropical moisture infiltrates the Southeast, offering respite from drought conditions but introducing a new threat to the region. The FOX Forecast Center has highlighted northern and central Florida as areas at a higher risk for twisters due to the unsettled weather conditions.

The heightened tornado risk is particularly anticipated during the overnight hours and into Thursday morning, affecting regions from the Big Bend to Tampa Bay and extending to Orlando. While the tornadoes and waterspouts are expected to be on the weaker side, caution is advised as they could still cause minor damage.

The influx of tropical moisture into the region, originating from the eastern Gulf of Mexico, is set to bring a prolonged period of wet weather to the drought-stricken Southeast. The FOX Forecast Center predicts widespread rain from Louisiana to Florida and South Carolina through Friday, offering relief to areas parched by prolonged dry spells.

FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin emphasized the significance of the tropical moisture, stating, “You don’t have to have a tropical depression or a tropical storm to have deep tropical moisture.” This influx of moisture could result in significant rainfall, potentially leading to flooding concerns in some areas.

“All the moisture that’s in Texas and specifically that’s offshore, which is where the heaviest rain is, it’s going to be pushing into Florida today,” Merwin explained. “And by later tonight through tomorrow, we could have a flooding concern.”

Projections indicate that northern and central Florida, as well as southern Georgia, can expect between 2 and 3 inches of rainfall. Some isolated areas on the Florida Peninsula may experience higher accumulations, ranging from 3 to 5 inches. Metropolitan areas like Orlando and Tampa Bay could be included in these potential rainfall amounts.

As Florida residents prepare for the influx of tropical moisture, authorities are urging vigilance and readiness for possible severe weather, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about weather updates and heeding any official warnings.



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