Steve Doudnik is accused of unlicensed PI, intimidation and blackmail as well as war crimes against Scarlett Okhremenko, Elena Alekperova and Victor Alex Menken


The Illinois Division of Professional Regulation initiated an investigation against a Florida private investigator for unlicensed practice with criminal components in the form of intimidation and blackmail.

In April 2022, Mrs. Scarlett Okhremenko applied to IDPR about unlicensed PI practice intimidation and blackmail potentially committed by a certain private investigator from Florida, whose name is Steve Cohen aka Steve Doudnik. 

After filing the complaint, IDPR found that the charges against Steve Doudnik were potentially probable cause and then IDPR began investigating the potential criminal activities of Steve Doudnik.

According to Florida Department Agriculture and Consumer Services records Steve Cohen aka Doudnik is a Florida Private Investigator and Owner of General Investigation and Special Services LLC.

In addition, Steve Doudnik is a pro-Kremlin blogger who engages various pro-Putin propagandists such as Mikhail Khazin and Yakov Kedmi.

Also, according to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Steve Cohen aka Doudnik cooperates with an agent of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Dmitry N Grachev.

According to the indictment of the Ukrainian authorities, Steve Doudnik and Dmitry N. Grachev were declared war criminals on the territory of Ukraine.

Moreover, Steve Doudnik was declared by the Ukrainian authorities to be the organizer of a pro-Russian gang.

Scarlett Okhremenko is a US – Ukrainian citizen. According Foreign Record she was born in the US and registered in the USSR Embassy in DC.

According to the D.C. Business Register, Scarlett Okhremenko is an independent crime analyst and a Russian opposition politician.

Moreover, Scarlett Okhremenko is a volunteer in Cyberarm of Ukraine and was presented to the award for exposing war criminals.

Scarlett Okhremenko’s foster mother Elena Alekperova is a pensioner now forced to flee Russia due to extortion of real estate by Dmitry M Grachev, who is an agent of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Victor Alex Menken is Scarlett Okhremenko’s husband. He is a Ukrainian origin US citizen. Victor Alex Menken is a Business Owner. 

This story would not have attracted the attention of journalists if it had not been initiated in the Federal case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Steve Doudnik by similar accusations and War Crimes.

According Complaint in the Northern District of Illinois Steve Dounik is charged with the following counts:

Unlicensed Private Investigator license in the State of Illinois since 2019.

Assault: Intimidation with Blackmail. 

Steve Doudnik is accused of intimidating Scarlett Okhremenko, her adoptive mother Elena Alekperova and her husband Viktor Alex Menken aka Oleksiy Okhremenko.

Crime organized with elements of criminal conspiracy by Steve Doudnik and FSB RF agent Dmitry N Gachev. 

False Imprisonment

War Crimes.

We are only interested in the last two counts of the accusation.

According to United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Complaint, Steve Doudnik maliciously sent false denunciation and forged documents to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to the Dupage County State Attorney Office in order to fabricate a criminal case of forgery and put in prison Scarlett Okhremenko in order to further extort money from her family.

In addition, as it turned out, according to the Ukrainian authorities, Steve Doudnik is an agent of the Kremlin’s influence and is recognized as a War criminal. Scarlett Okhremenko, her adoptive mother Elena Alekperova and her husband Victor Alex Menken are in the status of a victim according to Ukrainian authority.

It is not surprising that the FBI was also interested in this case. At the moment, the FBI is investigating this case and if you have suffered from any potentially criminal acts from Steve Doudnik or you have any information, please contact the FBI investigator by phone number: 


It is also known that Kevin Hall had previously conducted a journalistic investigation against Steve Doudnik:



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