Pompano Beach CRA Wins FRA Award for Atlantic Blvd. Bridge Enhancement


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. /thefloridadigest.com/ — The Pompano Beach CRA is proud to announce that the Atlantic Boulevard Bridge Enhancement is the 2020 winner of the Best Transportation Transit Enhancement category at the annual Florida Redevelopment Association (FRA) Awards, which were bestowed November 19, 2020.

Focused on creating a sense of community and adding art elements to the transportation in Pompano Beach, the Pompano Beach CRA developed a bridge that would serve as a landmark, as well as offering a sense of place and destination whether traveling by land or water. This project serves multi-functional uses with its nautical themed infrastructure. Elements included in the enhancement include grand bridge entrances, repurposed pedestrian walkways and tender house facade improvements. It is now a symbolic welcome for residents and visitors.

Atlantic Boulevard Bridge in Pompano Beach
“We are honored to have this outstanding project recognized by FRA,” said Nguyen Tran, CRA Director. “And we appreciate everyone who worked with us on the beautiful transformation of this bridge including the City of Pompano Beach, Currie Sowards Aguila Architects, Burkhardt Construction and artist Dennis Friel.”

One of the most stunning features of the bridge are two large sails at either end which feature a computer-operated lighting system that allows the sails to change colors for special occasions. This “sail” theme continues the style that was launched with the City’s Pier Parking Garage.

Each year, FRA accepts entries for the annual awards from its members in a variety of categories, ranging from annual reports to cultural enhancement. The entries are examined for effectiveness and completeness – including the narrative, supplemental material and compliance with the submittal instructions. A cross section of Florida redevelopment professionals, individuals and business organizations judge and rank all of the entries and select the winners.

About the Pompano Beach CRA:

The City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created in 1989. It has two independent districts: Northwest CRA and East CRA established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the economic health of an area, and encouraging public and private investments in a CRA district.

The Pompano Beach CRA is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The funds are collected as property values increase and a portion of that increase is captured by the Agency. TIF raises revenue for redevelopment efforts without raising taxes. For more information: http://www.pompanobeachfl.gov/pages/cra

About FRA:

FRA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting Florida professionals and volunteers in community revitalization efforts. With its mission of “transforming spaces, revitalizing places,” FRA is committed to providing a forum for its more than 300 members to share knowledge and common experiences regarding revitalization opportunities and issues throughout Florida.

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