OnlyFans model Bhad Bhabie lives in Florida to avoid paying taxes


Bhad Bhabie is a rapper and OnlyFans model. She earns $40,000 per ad post and sells nudes and candid videos. This lifestyle has made the girl a millionaire, but she still tries to save on taxes.

Bregoli spends part of her time in Los Angeles, renting a 557-square-metre house in Woodland Hills. But she sees Florida for what it is: a tax haven. – All my cars and things are registered in Florida. I’m not going to pay those taxes! – Says the rapper in an interview with Variety.

Bhad Bhabie sends her nudes to fans

Bhad Bhabie has 16 million followers on Instagram, but despite that, the girl only has three pictures in her feed. She’s developing her account on OnlyFans and believes she won’t have to work anymore thanks to porn.

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