Nishit Daswani, a young Indian designer and the new star of the fashion industry


Nishit Daswani is one of the most promising designers in the fashion industry. At the age of 22, he reached great heights. He was educated at the best educational institutions in the world, worked with leading fashion professionals, and co-founded the Wal and Wani brand. 

We tell you what you need to know about Nishit and why you should carefully follow the development of his career.

Nishit Daswani was born in the small Indian town of Kota, Rajasthan. Growing up under the prevailing patriarchy, Daswani watched his mother use clothing as a tool to embody strong feminist ideals. 

Together with his mother, the future designer often visited exhibitions of textile associations and began to notice that he was attracted to everyday female beauty. Eventually, Daswani started working on several fashion shows himself.

“My parents, who work in the fields of education and medicine, were surprisingly supportive of my choice of profession. I loved reading their books, from which I learned about the importance of space and the body, and then deepened this knowledge during my studies. It affected my work and vision in general, says Daswani. — My mother taught at a dental school, where I often went and studied the casting methods they used to create artificial teeth, and learned how to cut wax to create my own jewelry. My mother supported me in all this. She never understood art, but she always supported my creative path. My mother, her strong, self-confident personality has always inspired me, she is my muse. I am also very grateful to my father for instilling a strong work ethic in me. My family started from the bottom, but it was their work ethic that made them successful.”

So, scientific activity and research are embedded in Nishith Daswani’s DNA. He graduated from Parsons with a degree in Fashion Design and Creative Entrepreneurship, attended Central Saint Martins with a degree in Leading Fashion Design, and earned an MBA from Cornell University.

Developing skills in clothing design and mass production, Nishith learned to create products for both the luxury market and the mass market. After learning to collect and analyze information about consumers, he worked as a designer and stylist. During his work, Daswani found the vector that guides his work today. “I am a fan of the beauty of mature women; beauty that was shaped by their character, confidence, life experience and flaws,” says the designer.

With that motivation, Nishit Daswani came to J.Crew, a brand loved by the mature, modern women of the 2000s and led by creative director Jenna Lyons, 56, who represented their interests. Coordinating the production of women’s accessories and working on clothing designs, Daswani fell in love with J.Crew’s clients. “I fell in love with the hips of a mature woman and realized that a woman of that age wants to be on trend, and not limit her wardrobe to baggy kaftans,” says the designer.

Daswani was concerned about the lack of fashion brands that catered to the needs of the mature audience, especially when it came to workwear. One of his goals is to capture this market and, in the long term, create a workwear brand for mature women. “I feel that the fashion industry is not able to fully realize the beauty of strong adult women and how willing they are to be the soul of fashion,” says the designer. “They have unparalleled experience and have seen the evolution of fashion since the 1960s, so they undoubtedly have a taste and sense of style that us millennials have yet to achieve. I believe that they no longer adhere to the classics and are pioneers in redefining the classics of the future.”

“I’m incredibly inspired by strong women: my mom and my aunt, and especially those who have been victims of societal stereotypes, and I’m fascinated by how they’ve fought those stereotypes,” says Daswani. “In addition to my relatives, I was also inspired by such women as Lynn Slater or Linda Rhoden. Their style, ease, self-love is amazing. These women brought something bright and joyful to fashion. They have always played an integral role in my life, I look up to them, I create for them – they are my clients, they are my muses. They demonstrate that if we are committed to ourselves, we can create something beautiful.”

Daswani has had the opportunity to work with some big names in the world of fashion. In particular, with Tamara Davydova from Kyiv in Monique Lhullier. The Ukrainian designer, who has always promoted ideas of understated luxury, instilled in Daswani an understanding and love of sustainable development in high fashion, a trend that plays a defining role in shaping the modern industry. Daswani also collaborated with the American designer Sally Lapointe. 

According to Nishit, Lapointe inspired him with her extraordinary approach to the use of color and redefining silhouettes. It was she who taught him to fill clothes with life, creating bright things. “She showed me the power of modern monochrome images. Thanks to Sally, I learned that silhouette and color play an important role in creating conceptual and high fashion pieces. She gave me the opportunity to look at femininity in a new way,” says Daswani. 

Daswani was also lucky enough to work with Romeo Hunte, whose radical vision reinterpreted Brooklyn streetwear and gave it a whole new meaning.

All the experience gained in combination with the worldview inspired Nishit Daswani to create a series of accessories for mature women, which he named Shaleen. He will present the range at NYFW this September. The inspiration for this collection was the women of New York, and it is dedicated to them. 

The name Shaleen means “strong, simple and elegant”. This is a collection of accessories that the city lady would want to wear to lunch and art galleries and eventually pass down to her daughter. Each thing is chosen with the soul and born of emotion – “mother’s hug”, “father’s kiss”, “child’s smile”.

“I feel like I’ve learned the most from people, whether it’s from artists in a museum, or having a great lunch with the women of New York, or with my friends,” Daswani says. “I want to continue like this, I will be more inspired by the streets of New York, I want to see the women of the world and give them what their soul longs for.”


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