Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva Exhibition Draws more than 5000 People


Originally from Kazakhstan, artist Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva has a unique approach to her art that encompasses the teachings and mythology of the Tengri people of ancient Turkey. This nomadic race worshipped a large number of Gods and deities that formed their religion and thinking, and also embraced nature in a way that Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva depicts in her quite spectacular art.

Believed to be the first artist to celebrate Tengriism, Rakhimberdiyeva aim to introduce the wider world to the life and times of these fascinating people, who were governed by their religious beliefs and the presence of Aruahi, the Tengri guardian angels. They were also guardians of the Earth, mountains, and all of nature, leading a great respect between the Tengri and the world around them which is reflected in Rakhimberdiyeva’s art.

Successful Exhibition

The exhibition of Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva artwork took place at the ‘End to End Gallery’ in Hollywood, Florida, and was seen by more than 5000 people. The attendees included members of the public as well as fellow artists and historians keen to take in this breath-taking and unique exhibition of tributes to the Tengri people.

The inhabitants of ancient Turkey led a life of journeys, and as deeply religious people were known to understand their ancestry up to the seventh generation and believed that their lives would be judged by seven future generations. The exhibition at ‘End to End’ of Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva work brings this to life in a characterful and beautiful selection of renditions celebrating the traditions of the Tengri and their love and respect for the natural world.

Nomadic Existence

An informative and educational selection of works – as well as being beautiful and superbly executed by Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva – the exhibition brought to life a little-known nomadic tribe who once inhabited central Asia. With a focus on the natural world around them, Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva paints to remind us what is missing from today’s people – a love of the world around them, and respect for the natural world.

Her art perfectly expresses this in a way that has to be seen first hand to appreciate, and ‘End to End’ is the perfect location for an event of this level of importance. Routinely selling works by Banksy, Kai, Paul Insect, and many other famous top-level artists, ‘End to End’ took great pride in the debut of Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva’s important works which serve to tell the world the story of her nomadic ancestors and their lives.

The central theme of the Tengri life could not have been more in contrast to modern life, and the 5000 visitors to the exhibition were treated to a wash of colour and vivid images reflecting a culture as far removed from Florida life as possible. In explaining her reasoning, Nazym Rakhimberdiyeva told that she wanted to celebrate the lives of her nomad ancestors and show the world that being at one with nature is possible, even in the modern world.



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