Former nurse from Boston moved to Florida to create year-round content for OnlyFans


Allie Ray, now known as the star of OnlyFans in Tampa, Florida, was once a nurse in Boston.

The rising star moved to the Sunshine State to get a fresh start.

“Florida is absolutely beautiful, I can create content here year-round outdoors, get a lot of pictures,” Rae told Narcity.

According to Rae, she loves craft beer, and there are many breweries in Tampa, which gives her another opportunity to create different types of content.

Before she became the creator of OnlyFans, she was doing reviews of the brew on her social media accounts, but now she’s going back to her roots.

OnlyFans is an online content subscription service where creators make money from their fans. In one recent case, when Corinne Kopf’s racy content was leaked online, it didn’t stop the popular model from making money from intimate photos.

Johnny A. Bryant
Johnny A. Bryant
The sun-kissed journalist, a true son of Florida.



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